About Us

Picasso Stones is a group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about their values, products and services offered to the clients. The mission of the group is to make great home accessories with the range of premium quartz engineered slabs. This has been the objective of the group from the day it started the manufacturing and export business.

Picasso Stones is proud to support many prestigious home-furnishing retailers in the world with its products and services; the company has also served several top hospitality projects globally.

Quartz slabs which are the primary offerings of the company are composed of 90% quartz and 10% resin. Because of their flexibility, strength and other physical properties such as sophisticated texture and aesthetic value they create, Quartz slabs are the future of tiling. Picasso Stones could be a futuristic step towards tapping the potential ahead for its clients.

The manufacturing unit of the company has a state-of-the-art production infrastructure. Picasso Stones adds an expression of wonderment and stylish depth to any space where it is installed. The distinct creative control that Quartz slabs give, goes in perfect harmony with its functionalities, therefore Picasso Stones is the most preferred and trusted brand among design experts and architects.

As a mission and also business philosophy, the company works tirelessly towards the day when Picasso Stones becomes the generic name for Quartz slabs.

Quality Focus

Quality forms the crux of all that the company offers and does. Focus on Product Quality and Service quality runs through the entire chain of the company. A dedicated quality control team ensures that every piece of slab produced reflects the conscientious work culture and philosophy of the company.

Picasso Stones believes that excellence translates into customer satisfaction. The production line of the company maintains outstanding technological infrastructure which is perfected in its effectiveness by an experienced team of operators and skilled professionals.

The production process applies and dedicates an R&D team, to promptly innovate and produce new stone design solutions. The focus on R&D is aligned with our efforts to upgrade and lead in a competitive customer-driven ceramic market.

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